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Jarrod Shoemaker

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2008 Olympian
2x Elite National Champion
Multi-Elite Athlete of the Year

Fuels with TriFuelMonthly

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Receiving a package with free gear each month is a fun motivator to train hard for a race! I feel better during and after my long runs too!

Kim W.

I never worry about running out of nutrition. TriFuelMonthly keeps me stocked and ready to roll!

David S.

There's no years of guess and test to find out what works! Thanks TriFuelMonthly for taking me to new limits!

Christie K.

I really liked how the directions were broken down to explain what to take, when to take it, and why.

Rob M.

The instructions made refueling during my workouts and races so much easier! Thanks TriFuelMonthly!

Scott M.

Kenyon Congdon

30+ Year Triathlon Veteran
2015 Great Floridian Champion
2002 IM World Championship Finisher
Multi All-American

Fuels with TriFuelMonthly

Answers to your most common questions

  • You save money
  • You don't have to worry about running out
  • You don't have to worry about ratios of carbs to protein. We did that for you.
  • You don't have to go out to the shop to pick up a few of this or that
  • You are always stocked and ready to train or race
  • You get detailed instructions on how to use what's in the package
  • We're just an email away if you have questions
  • And you get the free gear every month too!

Every month your package will include valueable free gear. It will always be something to help you achieve your goals, something you might not buy for yourself, something to make the difficult training a little easier and make race-day go a little smoother. Remember, you are number one. You work hard and you deserve it.

From time to time you will also receive additional nutrition to enjoy that fits in with your plan. It may be a new flavor or type of bar. It may just be a little extra to say thanks. It will always be the best sports nutrition available.

Once you choose your package follow the steps during checkout to subscribe. Your credit card will be charged for your first month when you check out. Each month your subscription will automatically renew on the 15 th . Your credit card will be charged on the 15 th each month. During the first week of the following month you will receive your package.


You can make changes to your account at any time. You can change your package choice or your flavor preferences. You can switch to any other package as your needs change.


Any change will take effect in the next shipment. If you make a change between the 1 st and the 15 th , also known as the "cutoff period", your current month's shipment is already in process and will not reflect your changes. In this case your changes will apply to the next month's shipment.

Your subscription continues to renew each month on the 15 th .

The nutrition in our packages is divided into four categories: Fuel-up, Calories, Electrolytes and Recovery. Every package contains products perfect for each category. You get enough to fuel you through four weekends whether you are racing or training. Part of this plan is to train with nutrition the way you race at least once a week. Ultra packages include enough recovery nutrition for you to use it every day. The Great Floridian plan includes healthy snacking and hydration for mid-week training, too.

Occasionally an item in the package description may not be available from our suppliers. When this happens we will substitute an equivalent item.


Pre-race nutrition will rev-up your metabolism like a top-fuel dragster spinning its tires! Most packages fuel up with bars or gels and an electrolyte drink. Bars chosen for fuel up have a different consistency and texture from bars used during a workout or race. Fuel up bars are typically from Glukos Energy, Hammer and Honey Stinger.


Calories during workouts or races come from bars, gels, chews and drinks. Depending on the duration of your target races, you will get the perfect combination of these with the right balance of carbohydrates and proteins. In some packages bars are used for calories on the bike. Bars chosen for this application have a consistency that makes them easy to eat on the bike at race speeds. Chews may be used to supplement bars on the bike in some packages and provide a little variety. Drinks like Hammer Perpetuem and Pacific Health Labs Accelerade are included in several long course packages. Gels and chews are used for run calories in most packages and feature Honey Stinger Organic Gels, Hammer Gels, Skratch Labs Fruit Chews, Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews and Glukos Energy Gummies and others. Our vegan package, Vegan Elite , uses Untapped maple gel packets.


Electrolytes during workouts or races come in the form of drinks, salt capsules and chews. All packages provide for electrolyte and micro-nutrients through the drink sources like Nuun Energy and Active, Hammer Heed and Endurolyte Fizz. Half and Ultra packages include SaltStick capsules or Fastchews to keep electrolytes at peak to prevent cramping muscles and maintain sharp mental focus. The Great Floridian package includes Salt Stick Fast Chews to provide quick absorption of electrolytes in the closing hours of a 140.6 event, the most likely time that changing race plans and conditions may cause an electrolyte emergency. The Heavy Sweater package pays special attention to electrolyte control and provides a unique solution for athletes who sweat more than the average.


High protein recovery comes in easily digestible forms for quick absorption, speeding healing to your system! Some packages use great tasting protein bars from Honey Stinger, Glukos Energy and Hammer for an important nutrition source that seems more like a treat. Many plans, the longer packages in particular, use protein drinks like Glukos Energy Protein Powder, Pacific Health Labs Endurox R4 and Hammer Recoverite. Check the package description for details. The Great Floridian and other Half and Ultra packages come with enough recovery to use it every day.

Every package comes with detailed instructions on how to implement your nutrition plan. How much of each item to consume and when. How to mix your electrolyte, calorie and recovery drinks. What items are intended for consumption on the bike, in transition, on the run. All the details you need to execute the perfect nutrition plan. You'll be doing it in training so on race day it's second nature.

The quantity of items in a package is based on the length of your target races.

Sprint packages are for athletes focusing on sprint and Olympic distance triathlon, running races up to marathon and any endurance events under 3 hours in duration.

Olympic packages are for athletes focusing on Olympic distance triathlons and endurance events 1-4 hours in duration. Olympic size packages are excellent for marathon runners and ultra runners!

Half packages are for athletes focusing on 70.3 triathlons and endurance events 4-8 hours in duration.

Ultra packages are for athletes focusing on 140.6 triathlons and endurance events longer than 7 hours in duration.

Look for the Sprint, Olympic, Half and Ultra designation on the subscriptions.

During checkout you are asked about your flavor preferences. We will do our best to provide you with your top preferences. The flavors will vary slightly from month to month. It is possible, for reasons beyond our control, that your favorite flavors are not available at the time of shipping, but that is very rare. For the Tri-Chocolate package you will get a chocolate or chocolate related flavor such as chocolate chip or chocolate & peanut butter.

Mjolnir (pronounced "mee-ol-neer") is the name of Thor's hammer in Norse mythology. This nutrition package will help you level the mountains at any race!

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