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Kate's Real Food

Save 20% on Kate's Real Food Energy Bars!

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UnTapped Athletic Fuel

Save 15% on UnTapped maple based gels, waffles & hydration!

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"The Powerful Triathlete" by Tim Crowley

Strategies to reduce injuries and enhance performance. Save 15% on this outstanding training program!

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Alto Cycling

Save 15% on carbon wheels by Alto Cycling!

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Air-Relax Recovery Compression Systems

Save 10% on recovery boots and accessories by Air-Relax Florida!

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The Magic 5

Save 20% on custom fit swim goggles by The Magic 5!

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Gezellig Cookies

Buy locally made Dutch Stroopwafels when you run out of them from your Fit Pack!

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Speedsleev Bike Accessories

If you missed getting this cool saddle bag for free in 2017, grab one direct from Speedsleev and save!

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Riplaces No-tie Shoe Laces

My favorite no-tie lacing system!

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Race Ready Coaching with Joanna Zieger

Running and Tri coaching, run form analysis

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Triathlon, swim and running coaching, adult and youth programs and camps!

Just mention Tri Fuel Monthly when you contact SLAP and get $15 off a private swim lesson or stroke analysis.

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KT Tape

KT Tape is an elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

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