Consistent Protein Recovery Improves Performance

In my 30+ years of competing in triathlons there is one aspect of nutrition that I have relied on for almost all of those years. That's protein recovery. I practice this ritual after EVERY workout and have for most of my competitive adult life. When I was a kid, I probably did this by drinking milk without even realizing that I was practicing good recovery nutrition, but as an adult I stopped drinking milk in my general day to day diet. For recovery, however, I continued to rely on a dairy based protein source in whey protein.

Which brand to choose?

Over the years I've used many different brands with success. I firmly believe the consistent practice of this routine is more important than what brand you use to implement it. At Tri Fuel Monthly, we offer four different recovery drink powders: Glukos, Recoverite, Hammer Vegan Protein and Endurox R4. I have complete and total confidence in each of these. The amino acid profile of all of these brands is complete. Each has sufficient carbs to provide the energy your body needs to digest the protein you are taking in quickly. And they each provide the micronutrients that help your body restore vitamins and minerals that were depleted during exercise.

Why practice protein recovery?

I am always wary of the difference between marketing hype and true scientific research. Of all endurance nutrition practices over the years, protein recovery has been both scientifically and anecdotally supported for a long, long time. Hammer Nutrition promotes a 3:1 protein to carb ratio as found in Recoverite for optimal effect. Virtually all protein powders have some complex carbohydrates in them so unless you really try hard, you're not going to find one that lacks carbs. The web is chock full of credible studies that support protein supplementation immediately after excercise. More recently, studies have shown that protein supplementation before bedtime in addition to post-workout is highly effective.

A 2012 study published in the US National Library of Medicine concluded that "protein ingested immediately before sleep is effectively digested and absorbed, thereby stimulating muscle protein synthesis and improving whole-body protein balance during postexercise overnight recovery."

Unfortunately, for many the cost of consistent protein supplementation puts that aspect of a good nutrition plan out of reach. When I designed my first Race Plans for Tri Fuel Monthly a few years ago, keeping the cost within reach of most people required that protein recovery be scaled back. So our smaller packages include a few excellent protein recovery bars. But what I'd like to see all of my subscribers doing is having a shake at least after every workout and at best before bed, too. Well, for January, you'll all be able to do that because I'm including Glukos Energy Whey Protein Powder FREE with all subscriptions. As I mentioned before, consistent and cumulative use of protein recovery will bring you the best performance rewards. If you subscribe to a smaller Race Plan, you can always add a canister of shake if the cost is not out of reach for you and I will always do my best to bring you the best recovery products at the best price.

Healthy training and effective recovery are key components of a long term performance improvement strategy!

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