Race your best and don't stink afterward!

Not every race venue or training facility has, um, well, facilities

If you've done even one race anywhere, it's likely you've encountered this conundrum after you cool down. If there are no facilities at all or the only washroom is overrun with sweaty triathletes or maybe it just doesn't meet your standards for hygiene, you are left to wallow in your sticky, dried sweat-stink until you get home. Perhaps in the meantime, circulating some of that post-race nastiness among your peers. It's likely they won't really mind, but what if you need to stop at Home Depot on the way home for some fire ant killer? Maybe your smell will do the job by itself. You don't want the cashier to topple over and faint as you swipe your credit card.

Cleanup your epic stink with Epic Wipes

Epic wipes are huge. Seriously. About the size of a normal towel. And strong. This ain't no paper towel. You can tug on it, stretch it across your back, crack it like a whip. It will NOT fall apart. And Epic Wipes come out of the package moist and smelling fresh. Not soapy, not oily. Just fresh the way you need it. And don't worry guys. It's no girly scent. No flowers and perfume here. The best words to describe the scent are fresh and clean.

I've used these after races many times here in Florida where we arguably sweat the most and as a result, I'm proud to say, we stink the most. Recently we were at the St Anthony's Triathlon Expo where the weekend turned out to be the first hot weekend of the year with temps hitting 95 degrees. We had to break down our display in the brutal sun and tote boxes and crates of stuff back and forth to our van before going out to dinner with friends, in public ! Enter Epic Wipes. A quick wipe down with an Epic Wipe and off to dinner we went. No problem!

5 Massive Wipes that are Friendly to the Environment

For our August 1st deliveries I'm really happy to be able to send all of our subscribers five of these great Epic Wipes. They are 100% biodegradable because they are made with Bamboo and other natural ingredients and contain no harsh cleaners or fragrances to cause allergic reactions. Epic Wipes are gentle on your body and respectful of our Earth. Drop one in your transition bag. Keep a couple in the glove box of your car. Give them a try next time you're in need of a shower and there's none to be found.

Sustainability Doesn't End After You Wipe Down

While you could just toss your Epic Wipe after you clean off, you might consider keeping it for...

  • Dish Rags
  • An Emergency Sling
  • Toilet Paper
  • A body cooling Neck Wrap
  • Sun Protection
  • Floor Mop
  • Dessert Topping

Okay, well, maybe not the last one. Enjoy your 5 free Epic Wipes with any subscription order before August 1st! I think you'll find it an extremely valuable addition to your triathlon gear!

Every month subscribers get really cool stuff free!

Triathlon is expensive! You spend a lot of money on goggles, sneakers, bikes, race entry, travel, race kits, and on and on. It's time you got something for free! Seriously. I want to give you stuff. Things that will help you in your triathlon adventures. Things that will make your training a little easier. Things that will make race day go a little smoother. You deserve it. You've earned it.

So every month I will include some really cool and helpful extra in your subscription package. FOR FREE.

Every month we will announce the new subscriber gift on our website and via email to our current subscribers. It may be race apparel, hydration tools, nutrition boxes for your bike and so on. These won't be cheap sample items. They will be the real deal: sometimes things you've ogled over in magazine ads and websites but never had time or money to get for yourself; sometimes things you never considered but will reap the benefits of for free.

So in addition to your nutrition and the detailed instructions, you'll find in your package each month an awesome, valuable gift. SWEET!


For all the hard work you put in

you deserve some free stuff!

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