Be Seen and Be Safe This Winter

Simply the Best Safety Innovation

The stories of our friends and fellow endurance athletes getting injured or worse are all over social media. I hope I never hear one of those stories again or become one myself. That's why I'm bringing you this awesome safety product: Reflectoes !  As winter approaches we will all be exercising more and more in the darkness. If you are like me and usually do plenty of outdoor exercise before sunrise or after sunset these socks will be the perfect accessory for you!

ReflecToes are technical sports socks that reflect on coming light. The motion of your legs catches the eye of nearby drivers and makes you instantly distinguishable. They give you Visibility In Motion. ReflecToes are the best sports safety product available because they have the largest high reflective area in the most effective location and are comfortable and practical to use.

Check out all these great FEET-URES!

Heat Venting Mesh

Mesh Knit on the top of the foot to allow heat to escape and keep your feet cool.

Moisture Wicking Yarn

We use the most effective moisture wicking yarn that moves moisture away from your feet to keep them dry.

Arch Support

Elastic knit ribbing supports your arches.

Heel Locking Design

Heel locking design keeps the sock from moving around on you or bunching up.

Durable and Lightweight

Sturdy materials mean your ReflecToes will last over 50 cold water washings. Lightweight materials keep you cool (or could be a top layer).

This is a photo of me on a night ride with my son just a few days ago!

I love my Reflectoes socks and will make sure everyone in my family is using them when riding at night!

I'm really happy to be able to send a pair of Reflectos Socks PLUS a pack of Reflectoes stickers that you can apply anywhere you need to reflect to every subscriber this month! That's a $29.99 value, FREE!

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